Bootleg Demakes Competition: Votes

That's it, the voting period for the bootleg demakes compo over at TIGSource is about to end, and I've finally decided on eight entries to give my votes to. We've seen many nice entries, so it was hard to decide on the eight "best" games in the competition; I also found it pretty annoying that I couldn't try out any of the XNA entries, some of them looked really sweet. That said, here are the eight games I finally decided on after much chagrin:

  • Dysaster
    Good fun, nice level design. I enjoyed it and would like to see more levels.
  • House Globe
    Insanely well-polished content and gameplay.
  • Little Girl in Underland
    Hilarious, that's all.
  • Macarena of the Missing
    Very funny writing and the feat of recording over 1000 lines of voice acting made me glance over some (for me) illogical puzzles.
  • Nobody Shooter
    Simple game, but well done and plain fun. The online highscore table definitely helped.
  • S.T.A.C.K.E.R.
    Most creative concept in the compo, even if I still haven't beaten the first level.
  • Soundless Mountain 2
    Gameplay was a bit too sparse for me (yeah, I know, the source material…), but great atmosphere and sound won me over.
  • Squish
    A nice puzzle game with an interesting concept. What's not to like (well, the twitch-based levels…).

There were several runners-up, but I don't want to name them here. Suffice it to say that there were many great entries, and not all of them can get a vote unfortunately.

All the entries with screenshots and a torrent link can be found here.

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