Source code for HEALTHY WAVE released

Since the competition is now officially over and the code for HEALTHY WAVE is frozen for the moment, I figured this would be a good time to release the source code. HW, like all my recent game development efforts, was written in D, an excellent young programming language which sets out to clean up many of the warts that C++ has accumulated over the years. It has garbage collection and many other nifty modern language features while still being natively compiled, and even performance is almost up to par with C++. In short, it's a joy to program in, and I find it especially well suited to game development.

The source code itself isn't quite as structured as I would like it to be on a larger project, and towards the end I introduced some minor hacks, but overall I think it's not too shabby for the five days quick job that it is. I should also note that some parts of my D game framework (like the vector class) were integrated into it, but those are also available from forest.

The source code is licensed under the rather permissive ISC license. Get it at the official HEALTHY WAVE site.

Although it's frozen for the moment, I might go back to it when the judging is over and add some stuff. Especially online highscore seems like a very attractive feature (with a nod to 0rel).

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