Ludum Dare 14 - The Triumph of Time

This is a bit of a late post, but better late than never.

So I actually took out the time to participate in the 14th Ludum Dare 48 hour solo game development competition a few weeks back. It was an amazing experience; trying to finish a complete game in 48 hours is something I've never done before, and it was quite a rush. I was really tired at the end of it, but realizing I had actually made a worthwhile game in two days gave me an incredible high. (Sleep deprivation might also have played a part.) There's also a really nice sense of community during the competition, with people blogging about how they are doing, what problems they have and what they're eating. I really enjoyed it and might join again when I have the time.

The theme this time around was "Advancing Wall of Doom". I wasn't too happy with that at first and actually thought about skipping the compo after all, but the urge to try something proved stronger and I started coding. As usual, I had some vague game mechanics in mind from the start, but how to turn it into a complete game was decided only very late in development. Still, it seems I got lucky this time around and many people reacted very positively to the game. I'm quite proud to say that I made 5th place in the Overall category (out of 123 or so entries), 5th in Innovation and 4th in Technical.

So, what's left to do is post the game itself: it's called The Triumph of Time, a nod to James Blish, and it looks like this:


You should check the readme file for instructions. Brief instructions:

  • left mouse button places pylons,
  • right mouse button scrolls,
  • mouse wheel zooms.

DOWNLOAD (Win32, 2.28 MB)

The original LD post about the finished game is here. I'm at the moment working on a greatly expanded version of the game with more levels and a level editor; I'll post that here as soon as it is done.

UPDATE: The post-competition version of the game is out.

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