Mini-Review for Triumph

Uhfgood has posted a mini-review on The Triumph of Time. It amazed me to learn that there are people who aren't able to beat even the first tutorial level. You know you really messed up the tutorial when that happens. It's interesting that some people breezed through the game in one or two hours and craved for even more levels while it doesn't seem to click at all with others. Or maybe it's just that the game doesn't really draw them in, so they don't feel compelled to keep trying.

I guess that really shows how important real-life playtesting is; I wish I had a group of people to watch while they play the game for the first time, but I don't. It's nice to get feedback over the Internet, but I can't tell at all how the people who couldn't get to grips with it were trying to play the game, so I wouldn't even know in what way to adjust the tutorial to accommodate those people.

As it stands, it seems the game appeals to a very small niche. I haven't quite figured out what that niche is, but it's interesting how drastic that effect is for this game.

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