This is a demake of AudioSurf in Gameboy style. I did it in four or five days to enter the Bootleg Demakes Competition at TIGSource.

Graphics by UltraJMan of the TIGSource forum.
Music kindly provided by Multifaros.

Download version 1.1 here:

Source code in D for version 1.1:




Version 1.1

A TIGSource Bootleg Demakes Competition entry.


Cursor keys - Move left and right.
Ctrl - Drop bomb into current lane.
Esc - Quit game.

You can put other music files into the songs/ subdirectory in
order to play them. Every song creates a unique track matched
to the music. Note that the music files have to be in 44.1 kHz
Ogg Vorbis format.


Code: muku
Graphics: UltraJMan
Music: Multifaros

Huge props for Multifaros who let me use his brilliant chiptune
music for this game! Visit his homepage at

This game is written in D.

This software uses the following libraries under their respective licenses:

SDL - LGPL license (lgpl-2.1.txt).
SDL_image - LGPL license (lgpl-2.1.txt).
SDL_mixer - LGPL license (lgpl-2.1.txt).
freetype2 - FreeType license (ftl.txt).
libogg/libvorbis - xiphlicense.txt.

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